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2021 SWTOR collection unlock,SWTOR Collection Unlock Sale

2021 SWTOR collection unlock

2021 SWTOR collection unlock. Earlier, I wrote about EA’s plans to celebrate the anniversary of SWTOR (SWTOR Celebrate May 2021). I also wrote that I personally wait for this moment. Now we have the opportunity to see how it works in practice.

2021 SWTOR collection unlock – how it’s working?

The system is simple. All items in your personal collection can be unlocked for other characters for 50% of the price. This is a very large discount. Sometimes it costs 400 CC to unlock an item. Currently (for the duration of the event) the cost is reduced to 200 CC.

Reducing the cost of CC will always be useful

2021 SWTOR collection unlock

This offer prepared by the SWTOR team is much better than the free droid (2021 Swtor Free pet droid). I will take advantage of this offer myself. I have a lot of big mounts in my collection, lightsabers, gear which I will gladly unlock for my other characters.

Darth Rithven

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