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2021 SWTOR Galactic Seasons

2021 SWTOR Galactic Seasons. Every player must participate in this! First impression

2021 SWTOR Galactic Seasons. Every player must participate in this! My first impression is very positive. I am evaluating this new in-game content for its suitability for free2play players and subscribers.

Galactic Seasons at SWTOR is like a Santa gift

What really makes leveling our characters easier?

Different things, of course. Among other things, selected character perks. I wrote about it here: “Character Perks. What to choose and why?“. But in my experience it is really helpful to have a companion when we start a new game with a new character.

Everyone knows how helpful a companion is. But having it at the very beginning of the game is a wonderful feeling. He will help us painlessly reach the mission where we will receive our first class companion. Later in the game, we have more companions to send on missions or for crafting.

Overall – we need to get a companion for our character!

2021 SWTOR Galactic Seasons

In this article, I won’t go into detail about every single thing we can get in Galactic Seasons. I will describe what is the most important and common for free2play players and subscribers.

A free companion for everyone

At the very beginning, by completing the first level of Galactic Seasons, we can obtain an item that activates a new companion. If we draw easy daily and weekly missions, which will give us points thanks to which we unlock the next levels in Galactic Seasons, we can get a companion on the first day!

Altuur zok Adon 

  • We get it for the first level of galactic seasons.
  • If we complete the first level of glacactic seazons, we will be able to press the “claim” button
  • Ornate Kubaz Box will appear in our inventory
  • we open it
  • The Strange Holocomunicator item will appear in our inventory
  • click and get a mission – after accepting the mission, we receive a companion Altuur zok Adon

Unlocks a companion for each character on the server

  • We enter our collection (default shortcut “Ctrl + C”)
  • We find our companion
  • we choose to buy a companion for the entire account (cost in cartel coins)

Summon a companion on other characters

  • we enter the personal collection
  • we will find a companion
  • we choose the claim
  • the Ornate Kubaz Box item will appear in our inventory

How much cartel coins does it cost to buy Altuur zok Adon for the entire account?

Only 10 cartel Coins. This is the sum that every free2play player should have on their account. In my opinion, this price for Altuur zok Adon is basically giving players a free companion.

Can you get more new companions?

Yes. There are several possibilities (eg Darth Hexid – this companion I will describe in the next article). Most importantly, there are more companions in Galactic Seazons. There are four of them. But getting them is more difficult because you have to get special tokens to be able to buy them.

Companions Cost

  • Dazh Ranos 6 Tokens
  • Nico Okarr 5 Tokens
  • Shae Vizia 5 Tokens
  • Paxton Rall 5 Tokens

How many tokens can I get in Galactic Seazons?

  • The free2play player can get 5 tokens
  • The sub-scrunch player can get 15 tokens

2021 SWTOR Galactic Seasons

Where can I buy these companions?

You can buy them in special vendors. You will find them in the fleet (supplies area).

Quickly evaluate Galactic Seasons missions

  • there are two daily missions (usually easy, but giving little points to progress in Galactic Seasons)
  • there are two weekly missions – they give a lot of points
  • Missions can be restored (missions re-drawn) once a week.
  • Daily missions are usually either fighting in Galactic Fighters or killing some npc on a planet. These are very simple missions
  • Weekly Missions – These are either operations or flashpoints (veteran mode), or more fights in the fight or more fights in the Galactic Fighters. Warzone and Galactoc Fighters are simple.
  • Operations are a nightmare – gathering a willing team takes hours of waiting.
  • Flashpoints – you can gather a team faster, but after completing the flashpoint, the status of the task did not change (before I had to do 3 flashpoints and after doing it, I still had 3). This is some sort of bug or wrong quest description. I don’t know what’s going on but I got frustrated.

Summarizing the article “2021 SWTOR Galactic Seasons. Every player must participate in this! First impression”.

  • I believe that the players were given the opportunity to get a huge amount of support in the game with little effort. And it is available to both free2play players and subscribers at the same time.
  • Another thing – many missions force players to play in places where they have not been (and were not supposed to come back) for a long time. This is good because there has been a process of repopulating the planets.
  • Big minus – all missions related to operations. I understand that this was supposed to work like the missions made on the planets. But it didn’t work. Doing an operation outside the guild is a torment. Personally, I waited 8 hours and managed to assemble a team for 1 operation (we are talking about joining the general queue where every player on the server can join the operation).
  • At the moment, I appreciate the new content that has appeared in the SWTOR game.
Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.