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2021 SWTOR THORN reputation

New 2021 SWTOR THORN reputation. The easiest way to earn the reputation of THORN. SWTOR reputation guide

2021 SWTOR THORN reputation. Below, I will describe the easiest and fastest way to earn a THORN reputation. Before I go to this part of the article, however, I would like to warn you about two important issues.

In SWTOR we can play with many characters

First of all, it is a tutorial (as well as others) based on my style of play. The method I describe to be as effective as possible must be used by a player who has many characters in the SWTOR game. In this case, it does not matter which side it plays (whether the Empire or the Republic). It is important that the player has multiple characters.

Not every reputation can be made this way. There are also reputations that can be done calmly with one character or with multiple characters, but for some reasons it is worth making these reputations with one character.

For each reputation in the SWTOR game that I will describe, I will write why I chose this and not the other way.

Intensive use of multiple characters speeds up your account progress.

2021 SWTOR THORN reputation – a quick way to get only THORN reputation

A veteran player should guess what I mean after reading the title. In SWTOR, you earn reputation to unlock the ability to buy special items from special vendors. Most of these things only require a certain level of reputation (and credits).

However, there are items that additionally require a special currency to purchase. This currency is earned in the same way as reputation points. Sometimes there are events where you only gain a special currency, but you do not need reputation to buy these special items (but this is a separate section not related to reputation – I will write an article about it in the future).

There are types of reputation where this special currency is easy or hard to get.

In my opinion, the special currency associated with THORN’s reputation (Rakghoul DNA Canister) is time-consuming. It is not difficult but it is time consuming. I will describe what class and on what mission you can get it massively (with a lot of time), but it will be in another article.

I will end this part of the post by saying that there are other reputations where you can easily get reputation points and a special currency.

2021 SWTOR THORN reputation

The method that I describe can be used with any class and even a character on a very low level (under one condition, but I’ll explain it at the right moment).

Doing THORN reputation is based on the massive use of multiple characters with as little time as possible.

Activity schedule for each character:

One-time mission:

  • We accept the initial mission in the fleet
  • On the target planet (they are different in different variations of this event) we finish the chain of this mission in the Rakghoul tunnels.
  • Collect a reward – a small reputation token (312 points)

Daily mission:

  • We only accept 1 mission! Called “Collecting Raklings” (Imperial) or “Rounding Up Raklings” (Republic). The mission is completed in 60-120 seconds (if the instance is not crowded).
  • Collect a reward – a small reputation token (312 points)
  • We leave the character in the tunnels (we save time for the future)

With 10 characters / 3 days: 10x 312 (one-time mission) + 10x3x312 (daily mission) = 12,480 reputation points.

I have 30 characters. The important thing is that reputation is gained in several stages. Each reputation has its own levels which we achieve for a certain amount of reputation points. The number of reputation points that can be used for development in a given week is limited. But this limit is renewed every week.

So if you get more reputation tokens than you can use during the week of the event, don’t worry. Wait for the next week. Event will expire, but you will still be able to use the reputation tokens (until the weekly limit is exhausted again).

I made one of the reputations in 1 event (I gained so many reputation tokens that for the next few weeks I only clicked on unused tokens until I made maximum reputation – before this event reappears)

Finally, I will add that: low-level characters can do a one-time mission without fear, but the daily mission can be too difficult (we will die quickly), so I recommend it for classes with the stealth skill.
If your level is the same as the enemies in the tunnels, you don’t have to worry.

Additional profit from such action is the massive acquisition of conquest points for each character. Without spending any extra time playing! Thanks to this, each of our characters should easily achieve the required 50,000 conquest points during the event. If we are in a guild like Wrath of the Sith at that time, each of our characters will receive, in addition to the personal weekly reward, also the weekly guild reward.

Summarizing the article “2021 SWTOR THORN reputation”: massive use of multiple characters in SWTOR will give us the opportunity to quickly build a THORN reputation as well as earn millions of credits with very little time spent playing.

2021 SWTOR THORN reputation

The easiest way to earn the reputation of THORN (video showing how to do this)

Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.