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Hello everyone!

I am a player. For many, many years. I have played a variety of games on a variety of hardware, from Atari to Amiga to Pc. You may already guess that I am not a child anymore. Apart from games, I also like creating websites (I have several). And so we come to the Wrath of the Sith website.

For what purpose was the website created?

The website was created for two purposes:

  • a guide for players (all from each server)
  • a guide and a place to organize some ideas related to the Wrath of the Sith guild (Darth Malgus server).

While creating this project, I am learning English or rather renewing my knowledge because I have not used this language for many, many years.

The range of topics covered on the website


This is a collection of my gaming experiences. This is basic information about various aspects of the game directed to:

  • players who have just started the game
  • players who returned to the game in the last months
  • players who have been playing for a long time but play very casual
  • players who mainly play PvE
  • players who are in gidias or playing solo
  • players who have beginner or intermediate level skills “

To whom this page is not intended:

  • PvP players
  • players whose level can be defined as veteran / pro

Information about decorations and vendors

This is a huge topic and there is no point in recreating a website on this subject, especially since there are already several websites that describe this topic very well.

Plus – it’s just a huge job. I don’t have time for it, but as a person who has a lot of decorations and uses them, I will sometimes write about them briefly.

Character development

On this page you will find information that will allow you to create a character and level it quickly. I will also tell you how to bring her to the maximum level and equip with equipment of the maximum level. However, I leave the topic of the perfect selection of statistics (veteran / pro level) as it is well described on other websites.

Reputation and other in-game activities.

I will be focusing heavily on this topic

Information for members of the Wrath of the Sith guild

That’s what this website is for!


I myself am looking for a lot of information on the Internet about the game SWTOR. Where I decided that some information is missing (I have my tactics in the game, it is very effective), I will write articles on this topic. Where the topic is well described, on this website I will only provide links with which you will have easy access to comprehensive information about the game.

That’s it.


Darth Rithven