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Best short SWTOR 2021 guide, SWTOR guild passive perks

Best short SWTOR 2021 guide. How to use active guild perks?

Best short SWTOR 2021 guide. How to use active guild perks? Each guild that has a flagship can use guild perks from the very beginning. There are only 2 of them (with the expansion of the flagship, their number increases to 5; from 4 it is possible to make a set of perks, but this is not what today’s article is about).

SWTOR two types of guild perks

I am writing about the most important base things (so I do not mention what specific perks give). There are active and passive perks in SWTOR (the same layout as in the case of character skills). However, when playing a character, it is natural for us to use active skills. After joining a guild, players often continue to play in “pre-guild” mode. We don’t think about guild perks at all.
And that’s a mistake!

SWTOR guild passive perks

Passive perks are perks that work all the time (until the end of the global perk time – the guild buys such a perk for a certain period of time). If the guild activates (buys) a passive perk, we simply use it all the time (as a guild member). In the case of passive guild perks, it does not matter whether we are thinking about guild perks or not. They just work all the time.

SWTOR active guild perks

This is the real reason why I am writing this article. Often, after inviting several players to a guild, I write a chat message that these players can use active guild perks. They usually don’t know what it is or how it is used. I didn’t know myself once, but maybe I got to know the topic better because I manage a guild.

Guild perks are active like active skills. You just have to click them to start working. But a better comparison (due to the function, what active guild perks have) it will be compared to the (known to everyone) XP boosts or adrenals.

You don't want to miss your reputation boost ....

Examples of what active guild perks give:

  • for a while, the amount of XP gained (from each source) is increased by XX percent.
  • for a while, the amount of reputation points earned increases by XX percent.

In short: it’s worth using these guild perks.

Best short SWTOR 2021 guide. How to use active guild perks?

A short guide:

  • go to character ability (default letter “P”)
  • go to the “guild” tab
  • this tab contains all guild perks. If there is one that needs to be activated (instant) – click on it.

Of course, I completely omitted the information related to the bonuses of being in a guild that has a high level. This is another matter. Nevertheless, playing for a guild accelerates our character’s development in many ways. In this article, I have only explained one of them.

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Best short SWTOR 2021 guide

How to use active guild perks? (video showing how to do this)

Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.