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Costly bugs in SWTOR

Costly bugs in SWTOR. 2021 Painful trivia in the game SWTOR

Costly bugs in SWTOR. 2021 Painful trivia in the game SWTOR. Warning about a costly mistake made by the player. We can name this article variously, but it all boils down to the fact that a player can easily lose thousands of cartel coins in the game.

Costly bugs in SWTOR

We still have various bugs in the game, but also mechanics that are often incomprehensible to the player. Today I will describe one of these mechanics.

Hope you can save money with this article.

Lack of knowledge costs money

Painful trivia in the game SWTOR

It often happens in the game that, for example, we accidentally sell or throw something away. Ok. It happens. Our mistake, neglect. It doesn’t matter what we call it. This is our fault. The more that the game offers warning information – whether you really want to throw something away.

Many items are locked to sell – especially those bought in a cartel market with cartel coins. Cool.

And it would seem that the game has fairly good safeguards against the unfavorable actions of the player for the player’s possession.

But it’s not like that….

Costly bugs in SWTOR

In the cartel market, we can buy very expensive special items for renaming. We can change the name of the guild, the name of the guild’s flagship, the name of our legacy and the name of our character.

If we activate these items, a name change window will appear. If we cancel during this time, we lose the item.

I know it’s written in the item description. But people – this is a very expensive item. There should be an additional notification box – do I really want to lose this item when I give up my rename action?

What if, for example, our computer is damaged during this time? What if we lose internet connection and logs out of the game? What if the SWTOR server goes down? And so on…


Just be careful when using these items. And it’s best to just think about the names you want to give at the beginning so that you do not have such dilemmas later and the costs incurred.

Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.