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Free SWTOR codes 2021

Free SWTOR codes 2021. Only codes that work

Free SWTOR codes 2021. In this article, I am listing SWTOR codes that work. I warn you – we will get things that mostly have little value. Even the mounts are too big, not comfortable to use. The only thing worthwhile in my opinion is one flair. Like most things in SWTOR, it serves to beautify our character, but it’s worth it. And that can be used by the free2play player.

There are very few working codes for SWTOR.

Free SWTOR codes 2021

SWTOR codes for new players is something that all players looking for. But you will gain much more being in good guild like Wrath of the Sith.

Brief overview of what Free SWTOR codes 2021 give

And here are the free SWTOR codes 2021:

  • NYCANTINA16: Gives an account-wide black and blue Korrealis mount for all characters.
  • SWCANTINA17: Gives an account-wide orange Korrealis mount for all characters.
  • SWCELEBRATION17: Gives you the pet M8-3R (a small droid). Account-wide for all characters.
  • NYCANTINA19: Gives you an account wide-character portrait golden border for all characters.

My opinion about SWTOR codes. The only thing worth getting is flair (from NYCANTINA19 code).
For the first credits earned as part of the Weekly Conquest, you can buy a better mount. Overall – in the game you can buy (with credits) lots of cool and useful stuff.

Quick tutorial – using Free SWTOR codes 2021. Where? How?

I present a guide for those who do not know where to use these codes to get gifts.

  • go to swtor.com
  • log in to your account (account.swtor.com/user/account)
  • select “redeem code”
  • you will get to the subpage “swtor.com/redeem-code
  • press the button with the text “Redeem Your Code Now”
  • this will redirect you to the last page
  • paste the code and select the checkbox
  • if the code is active you will see “Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed the following code: “
Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.