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New 2021 SWTOR Game Update 6.3

New 2021 SWTOR Game Update 6.3

New 2021 SWTOR Game Update 6.3. Below are excerpts from the upcoming game update. I will bold the sentences that I consider the most interesting (especially for free2play players).

New 2021 SWTOR Game Update 6.3


  • New Flashpoint – Secrets of the Enclave – Experience a new story and unearth secrets that brought Darth Malgus to the Jedi Enclave ruins on Dantooine!
  • Galactic Seasons – Welcome to the first Galactic Season: “The Stranger from Kubindi.” Complete Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives to earn new rewards. More information here: Welcome to Galactic Seasons
  • Double XP for May 4th! – Running May the 4th and lasting until May 18th, enjoy two weeks full of Double XP, Valor, and Renown.
  • Ranked PvP Season 14 – Today marks the beginning of Ranked PvP Season 14. Players who participated and earned Bronze, Silver, and Gold rewards during season 13 will find their rewards waiting in their mailboxes. Top 96 players will receive their rewards in the coming days. Season 13 Ranked PvP Rewards are now available on our PvP Vendor, Giradda the Hutt, on the Fleet.

New 2021 SWTOR Game Update 6.3


  • The Onderon Explorer Achievement is now working properly.
  • The Legacy Stronghold Limit has been increased to 20 (up from 15).
  • Updated the chat filter to help combat spam messages.
  • Reduced the Legacy Level Requirements of the following Convenience Unlocks:
    • Legacy Fleet Pass I, II, and III now require Legacy Level 1/5/10 (down from 5/10/15).
    • Legacy Travel I, II, and III now require Legacy Level 1/5/10 (down from 5/10/15).
    • Rocket Boost now requires Legacy Level 1 (down from 8).
    • Improved Priority Transport: Personal Starship I now requires Legacy Level 15 (down from 30).
  • All players now have access to Displaying Titles and Unifying Colors.
  • The Day 7 Login Reward crate now correctly displays an icon.
  • The chat command /sneeze now uses the Sneeze Emote as intended.
  • The chat command /bound now correctly plays the Bound Emote.
  • Corrected the following issues with the Emote window:
    • Jumping after using an emote from the window no longer repeats the emote.
    • The Cartel Market window no longer pops back after the character jumps if the player previously selected a Locked Emote.
  • The Customize Appearance tab no longer overlaps with the Character sheet.
  • Updated copy for the Customize Appearance options panel in German to avoid text-overflow.
  • Offhands are now correctly displayed when inspecting a character.
  • There is no longer an invisible Amplifier List Window preventing players from interacting with the game world while an Outfit Designer tab is active.
  • Double-clicking on Nautolan to select the species when creating a Sith Marauder now works correctly.
  • The Alignment indicator no longer goes beyond the limit at certain values.
  • The Companions & Contacts window’s hitbox has been adjusted to fit the window edges.
  • The Legacy shortcut in the top menu is now always available even if a Legacy is not unlocked yet.
  • Free-to-play and Preferred Status players no longer have higher credit costs at some vendors.
  • Free-to-play restrictions are now correctly displayed when Free-to-play players try to use the Who window.
  • Corrected environment issues in the following areas:
    • The southern part of the Jedi Library Ruins on Ossus.
    • Near the elevator to Oasis City in the Scum and Villainy Operation.
    • In the central part of the Star Chamber.
    • In the north side of “The Works” area in Divided We Fall Uprising.
    • Above the Ancient Sith Crypt on Onderon.
  • There is no longer a hole in the ground on the central side of the Axial Park, next to “Coronet Zoo” on Corellia.
  • Added a force field in The Tenebrous Hangar Deck to prevent players from falling under the map.
  • Fixed graphics issues on the sign at the entrance to Okara Droid Factory on Balmorra.
Updates to the game mean that we will be able to play SWTOR a little more

New 2021 SWTOR Game Update 6.3

I encourage you to read all the changes, fixes and improvements to the game.


Every improvement in SWTOR directed at free2play players makes me happy. I’m a subscriber myself, but I realize how hard it is to play on the free2play account.
The more players the better for each mmo game.

If you don’t know SWTOR yet and you want to play, I recommend Darth Malgus server and my guild Wrath of the Sith.

Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.