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SWTOR Character Perks

2021 SWTOR Character Perks. What to choose and why? Quick character leveling.

SWTOR Character Perks. What to choose and why? Quick character leveling. Hello. Today I will discuss another noteworthy stuff in SWTOR. This is something that will help us quickly raise the next levels of our character.

Better to spend your credits on something for profit

Ok. The main thought I put above sounds so adult. Of course, well-being is important. And we can get well-being by, for example, buying something cool from the GTN exchange.

But. Exactly. Imagine that you can level your character faster. Earn weekly rewards faster with it. Imagine that you can save your time so that you can create another character to earn money.

And use the faster earned and more money for larger purchases on the GTN exchange.

Well, to do that, we need to use this initial money well.

What I will describe is part of a larger, comprehensive guide – before I publish it, I need to describe the components of this guide. Then you will see a great tactic that brings you big profits in many areas.

SWTOR Character Perks

What are Perks? These are constant improvements that give us various bonuses. Most often associated with a bonus to the experience gained in the game.

I bought all the available perks on my main character. But on my other characters, which are mainly used to earn money, gain reputation quickly, or for crafting, I only bought some perks.

SWTOR Character Perks. What to choose and why?

I will describe only some of the perks. They are all related to gaining experience.

Perks that are always worth buying

  • Improved Flashpoint Experience – I buy it because this perk is very useful when leveling the character you play.
  • Improved Class Mission Experience – this is a necessary perk. There is nothing to describe. You just have to have it.
  • Improved Exploration Experience – it’s also a necessary perk. Each character has to get to know the world anew. So he gets a lot of experience just for discovering the world.

These perks give us a bonus to regular experience (up to 75 lv). It is best to buy them all at once for 1 character level. Then, from the very beginning, we already have a fairly large advantage in leveling the character we play.

Perks that you can buy

(but don’t have to)

  • Improved Space Mission Experience – this is also a perk that gives a bonus to regular experience. But I leave the decision to buy it up to you. I personally did space missions just for the sake of reputation. Later, it is a waste of time and therefore a waste of credits spent. On the other hand, it’s a cheap perk.
    To the Veterans: I skip Conquest Points when considering the value of this perk

Perks that you can buy only for a specific character

  • Improved Warzone Experience – this will give us a bonus to the experience gained in warzone. We buy it for pvp characters
  • Improved Starfighter Experience – this will give us a bonus to the experience gained in galactic starfighter (pvp in space). We buy it for a character who will participate in it.

Perks that you can buy only after reaching 75 lv

  • Improved Renown Experience – this is a perk that gives us a bonus to renawn points.
    The renawn system replaces the XP (Normal Experience) system when you reach 75 lv with the character you play. We only buy this perk (very expensive) for this character.

SWTOR Character Perks

Where can I find these perks?

  • press the default keyboard shortcut letter “y”
  • at the top (on the left) you have the “character perks” panel
  • you choose it and all possible perks are revealed to us.

How to do it? How to buy perks on lv 1 character?

  • You deposit the previously obtained credits in the legacy stronghold storage
  • You create a character
  • Someone invites you to a guild
  • You fly straight to the guild’s flagship
  • there, thanks to legacy stronghold storage, you pay out credits / withdraw
  • you enter the perk panel and buy them.

Of course, we need a guild with a flagship and legacy stronghold storage. Wrath of the Sith is just such a guild.

Summary of the article “2021 SWTOR Character Perks. What to choose and why? Quick character leveling.”: The SWTOR game allows us to play many characters on one server. Each of them can be created for specific tasks. It is worth remembering this. And don’t forget to buy character perks!

SWTOR Character Perks

(video showing how to do this)

Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.