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SWTOR Darth Hexid

SWTOR Darth Hexid. How to get this companion in 1 day? Is it still worth it in 2021?

SWTOR Darth Hexid. How to get this companion in 1 day? Is it still worth it in 2021? As usual, I describe the matter in terms of leveling and effective playing SWTOR.

Is it worth having additional companions?

Of course, the question relates to whether it is worth having more companions than those gathered while completing class missions (class story contained in three chapters).

It's always better to have more ..

The sentence above sounds as if it were part of the Sith philosophy. But it also easily answers the question “is it worth it?”.

Nevertheless, I will try to explain quickly:

  • if we have a companion already at the stage of the game where we are just starting our adventure, it is very helpful. It’s very easy thanks to this
    support to reach the mission where we get our first class companion and finish this mission without any problems
  • from the very beginning of the game, we can send more companions on missions
  • you can complete eight companion missions or crafting missions simultaneously.
  • There are 5 class companions.
  • To be able to, for example, crafting most effectively we need 9 companions (1 for combat, 8 during this time crafting).

Important information for players who will start the “Knights of the Fallen Empire” expansion: once it starts we lose all class companions. We stay with the new one. We must slowly gain new ones. This way, we can’t efficiently send companions on missions for a while, nor can we efficiently craft. We just have few companions.

But if we have acquired additional companions, they do not disappear after starting KOTFE. One of such companions is Darth Hexid.

I hope I managed to convince you that these additional companions are worth getting.

SWTOR Darth Hexid

I will now begin to describe this very easy companion, Darth Hexid.
Until recently, it was the easiest companion to get (I’m talking about getting by playing, not getting by paying). Currently, in my opinion, an even simpler companion to get to is Altuur zok Adon. I have described it in this article: “2021 SWTOR Galactic Seasons. Every player must participate in this!“.

Al, I think the reasons I mentioned earlier for getting Darth Hexid still exist.

Who is Darth Hexid?

Darth Hexid is a woman of the Zabrak race. He uses a double lightsaber. All gear slots are available. What does it mean? You can easily give this character hoods (this is not always available with some companions). If you want to know more about this character, please visit starwars.fandom.com where this character is well described (link).

How do i get Darth Hexid?

Getting Darth Hexid is simple. It only takes a little time. Conditions for getting:

  • 40 times with the activity finder to participate in:
  • warzones (and / or)
  • flashpoints (and / or)
  • uprisings (and / or)
  • galactic starfighter (and / or)
  • operations (and / or)

For each activity I put “and / or” in brackets. What does it mean? It’s just that these activities are cumulative. For example, you will make 5 flashpoints and 35 galactic starfighter fights and complete the task.

How can I see my progress in getting Darth Hexid?

  • Open the “Legacy” tab (default “y” key)
  • Find the “Flashpoints” section
  • Select subsection “general”
  • Find the achievement “With a Little Help From My Friends”
    select “track”

From now on you will see (the system is similar to mission tracking) your progress.

An additional bonus is receiving the Legacy title “The Galaxy’s Finest”.

Is Darth Hexid Account Wide?

Yes! We unlock it for Cartel Coins in your collection (default key “Ctrl + C”).

Darth Hexid unlock cost

For doing this achievement, we receive 20 Cartel Coins. The cost of unlocking Darth Hexid on the entire account is 10 Cartel Coins. After that, you can claim Darth Hexid back for any played character (via Collection).

SWTOR Darth Hexid

Summary of the article “SWTOR Darth Hexid. How to get this companion in 1 day? Is it still worth it in 2021?”: getting this companion is very simple. Currently in SWTOR there is Galactic Seasons where it is even easier to get another companion (Altuur zok Adon). But many of the quests in Galactic Seasons are the same as those required to obtain Darth Hexid. I believe that by simply doing Galactic Seasons we will end up with Darth Hexid as well.

Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.