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2021 SWTOR Imperial First Mobile Fleet reputation

New 2021 SWTOR Imperial First Mobile Fleet reputation. The easiest way to earn the reputation of Imperial First Mobile Fleet

2021 SWTOR Imperial First Mobile Fleet reputation. Below, I will describe the easiest and fastest way to earn a First Mobile Fleet and Republic Hyperspace Armada reputation.

SWTOR Imperial First Mobile Fleet reputation

It is with great pleasure that I describe the easiest reputation to obtain in SWTOR. The easiest in all respects, but requires good account preparation. Well, everything needs to be described in order, so let me start with …

Intensive simultaneous use of multiple characters on one SWTOR account

a short presentation of my assumptions for the guides I create. They are intended for everyone, but to use them fully, we need many characters that play on one server in SWTOR. Each element of development in SWTOR takes time. Usually, we are not able to develop a given element within a week, because we will hit a wall made of limitations.

In the case of reputation, there are simply limits to reputation points that we can use in a given week. There are also limits related to earning reputation points (because the event is monthly or the mission can be completed once a day).

Since these are the limitations, we are not able to make a reputation with one character in a short time anyway.

In addition, it turns out that when we play only 1 character, we have the greatest limitations. To partially eliminate them, we need many characters. Each of them can earn reputation points, which are shared by the entire account on a given server.

All my tactics and requirements for the proper preparation of each new character will be described in a separate article. Here (but also in other individual articles) I am describing some things in a nutshell so that when you read the guide you will think this way: how to bypass the restrictions.

Intensive use of multiple characters speeds up your account progress.

SWTOR Imperial First Mobile Fleet reputation

Well, I am starting to describe the most enjoyable reputation to obtain, but on the other hand it requires a lot of patience.

This reputation can be earned every day. It is not related to an event. It is important. Another thing: to earn this reputation, we must have a personal ship (we get it at the end of the second planet, ending the chain of class missions)

Prepare your ship to earn Reputation Points:

  • in the fleet in the gtn sector there is a vendor with elements of the ship’s equipment.
  • we need to buy an armor and a shield for the ship (shield regenerator is also a good addition to ship equipment)
  • we only need lv 1 of these items of equipment (I tried without the ship’s equipment – once it was possible to complete the mission successfully and once it failed)
  • we go to our personal ship
  • we accept the mission from the terminal (a room with a place for a pilot)
  • we perform a mission (“Jabiim escort”)
  • returning to the terminal, we will see an operation called operation “Silent roar”
  • it is the same as the initial one, but it will appear every day under the name of operation
  • the mission is available only once a day
  • the mission will give you a small reputation token
  • having 10 characters, we can get 10 tokens every day

SWTOR Imperial First Mobile Fleet reputation

I saved the best for last! When entering the mission, we do not have to do anything. With lv 1 armor and lv 1 shield, we will always successfully finish the mission without doing anything! The mission lasts 3 minutes and we can do something else during that time. During this time, we can easily go eat something or read some messages on Facebook.

Of course – there is a slight inconvenience. We just don’t play. So it may seem that, for example, ten characters sequentially doing this operation can block the computer for more than 30 minutes (relogging, accepting the mission, ending the mission and re-logging).

But we only do a given reputation in SWTOR once.

In my opinion, this is the best way to earn the Imperial First Mobile Fleet’s reputation.

Republic Hyperspace Armada

(Republic side fleet reputation)

Of course, the same rules apply to the Republic. There, that starting mission is called: “Fondor escort”. From that moment on, a daily operation is available which is called: operation “Midnight freedom“.

Surprising game mechanics in SWTOR

One thing to remember: this reputation is named differently for the Republic side and differently for the Imperial side. But it’s the same reputation. What does it mean? We can earn reputation points with characters played on the Republic side, but at the same time these characters earn reputation points for the Imperial side. Jedi earn reputation points for the Sith.

Profit, profit, profit!

Additional profit from such action is the massive acquisition of conquest points for each character (with a combination of doing class missions and / or heroic and / or flashpoint missions). We have tons of options. I only present a combination of reputation progression combined with account progression and a combination of multiple character leveling. And all this is calculated on the greatest possible progress (fastest) with huge profits with a small amount of time spent. Of course – the more we are active in various fields, e.g. creating items or collecting raw materials, the less we can play characters well (carefully and effectively). Nevertheless, when, for example, a monthly event comes, we can launch our powerful army of characters to get something in a huge amount. That’s all it is about.

2021 SWTOR Imperial First Mobile Fleet reputation

I myself like to play as my main character and not keep relogging to play for a while a different character. However, my assumption is that it is better to have more options than less. And at the end of this article I will write that thanks to my playing tactics in some areas of the game I have saved months and maybe even years of playing (compared to playing with only one character).

Summarizing the article “SWTOR Imperial First Mobile Fleet reputation”: massive use of multiple characters in SWTOR will give us the opportunity to quickly build a this reputation.

SWTOR Imperial First Mobile Fleet reputation

The easiest way to earn the reputation of THORN (video showing how to do this)

Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.