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SWTOR Tatooine insectoids

2021 SWTOR Tatooine insectoids. How to do daily Galactic Seasons missions? Best short guide

SWTOR Tatooine insectoids. How to do daily Galactic Seasons missions? The vast majority of daily missions are simple. It is worth remembering that we have the option of one daily mission reset. So the chance that two missions (with the possibility of a reset – re-drawing one of them) will be difficult for us is minimal.

However, it may happen that we randomly select one mission that is not obvious. It’s about killing the right number of insectoids on Tatooine, of course.

Can’t find insectoids on Tatooine for daily achievement!

I myself spent a lot of time finding a place to finish this mission. Personally, I play with characters from the Empire (definitely the Sith!). That’s why I’m not surprised that I had such problems. The solution is very simple (for players playing as Republic characters).

Question of the day: ``why bed bugs bite only me?``

SWTOR Tatooine insectoids

Below I will present a quick guide on where to find insectoids on the Tatooine planet.

  • activate the heroic misssion terminal (you can quickly access it from the solo heroic missions selection panel)
  • select the mission “Breaking the Code”
  • choose fast transport to the mission site
  • the heroic mission itself is simple and covers the area inside the building
  • there are ordinary enemies outside the building (so their extermination is even easier). It is important that there are a lot of them, so completing the daily mission in Galactic Seasons is simple and quick
  • the mission includes exterminating enemies in front of and in the building

Final thoughts

I wrote before that Galactic Seasons is a cool thing and I’m glad the SWTOR team has added this new content. I would like to remind you that the DoubleXP event is ongoing. All these things together make it very easy to earn weekly rewards on different characters.

Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.