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SWTOR Treek. How to get this companion? Requirements and costs. Is it still worth it in 2021?

SWTOR Treek. How to get this companion? Requirements and costs. Is it still worth it in 2021? As usual, I describe the matter in terms of leveling and effective playing SWTOR.

Is it worth having additional companions?

Of course, the question relates to whether it is worth having more companions than those gathered while completing class missions (class story contained in three chapters).

Talking to Treek will give you tons of XP

I will try to explain quickly:

  • if we have a companion already at the stage of the game where we are just starting our adventure, it is very helpful. It’s very easy thanks to this
    support to reach the mission where we get our first class companion and finish this mission without any problems
  • from the very beginning of the game, we can send more companions on missions
  • you can complete eight companion missions or crafting missions simultaneously.
  • There are 5 class companions.
  • To be able to, for example, crafting most effectively we need 9 companions (1 for combat, 8 during this time crafting).

Important information for players who will start the “Knights of the Fallen Empire” expansion: once it starts we lose all class companions. We stay with the new one. We must slowly gain new ones. This way, we can’t efficiently send companions on missions for a while, nor can we efficiently craft. We just have few companions.

But if we have acquired additional companions, they do not disappear after starting KOTFE. One of such companions is Darth Hexid.

I hope I managed to convince you that these additional companions are worth getting.


There are many favorable opinions about this companion on the Internet. I personally don’t like him very much. It’s more about looks. For that I like my companion Darth Hexid (I described how to get him in this article: “SWTOR Darth Hexid. How to get this companion in 1 day?“).

The advantage of Treek is that he is a good “medic.” Another advantage is that you can get it easily and unlock it for each character.

SWTOR Treek: Who is Treek?

Treek is an enthusiastic warrior who defied her primitive tribe’s rigid customs to seek adventure among the stars. Dissatisfied with the peaceful and quiet ways of her people, Treek is determined to achieve great things with her life. She travels the galaxy as a mercenary soldier, always on the hunt for new horizons and epic challenges to conquer. Despite hailing from a technologically-archaic planet and species, Treek has adapted quickly to civilized space.

Treek is unconcerned with material possessions or personal power. Her only goal is to forge a legacy that will outlive her. In Treek’s mind, the greatest defeat is to be forgotten. She will do whatever it takes to ensure her name and deeds will be celebrated long after she is gone.

Excerpt from “swtor.fandom.com/wiki/Treek” (link).

How do i get Treek?

There are two ways: fast and a little longer. First, I will describe a quick way.

SWTOR Unlock Treek FAST

  • Go to the Cartel Market tab
  • Search for “treek”
  • Buy “Mercenary Contract: Treek” (Costs 1000 Cartel Coins)
  • Use
  • log out
  • Log in on a different character
  • Go to Collections
  • Find “treek”
  • select the unlock option for the entire Legacy (again costs in Cartel Coins)

From now on, you can download a copy of Mercenary Contract: Treek for the character from Colections, use it, and have a companion. This works for any previously created character. This works for any character created in the future.

The advantage of this method is that the Legacy level does not matter. You can use Mercenary Contract: Treek from level 10 (Darth Hexid is available from level 1!)

SWTOR Treek – The second (longer) way to get Treek

  • the method is available only from legacy 40!
  • go to the fleet
  • go to Cartel Bazaar Area.
  • find Legacy Vendor
  • Buy 1 Mercenary Contact (cost 1 million credits)
  • Use
  • you will complete a simple mission
  • Complete the mission
  • You have an active companion

This way you won’t get the option to unlock Treek for the entire Legacy. You must purchase this Mercenary Contact separately on each character.

The advantage of this method: You save Cartel Coins.

Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.