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2021 SWTOR Voss insectoids

2021 SWTOR Voss insectoids. How to do daily Galactic Seasons missions? Best short guide

SWTOR Voss insectoids. How to do daily Galactic Seasons missions? And again, I encountered an obstacle in the Galactic Seasons. I’m slowly starting to get irritated. So that you do not get irritated, I will post a way to do this mission.

Can’t find insectoids on Voss for daily achievement!

May this be the last mission that causes problems (and this one is tiring in its own way). This time we will need characters from the Empire.

Can I dream of worms?

SWTOR Voss insectoids

What you need to do step by step:

  • activate the heroic misssion terminal (you can quickly access it from the solo heroic missions selection panel). On the planet Voss, of course.
  • select the mission “Ancient Guardians”
  • choose fast transport to the mission site
  • Almost all the mobs we meet at the beginning are the ones we are looking for.
  • We can kill 10 insectoids in one approach.

To kill the rest, we must:

  • Get out of the tomb. Reset the phase. Go in and kill 10 more.
  • Or complete a heroic mission. Get rewards and XP. Log off. Log into the game on a different character and do this heroic mission with that character. And repeat until we complete the entire day mission in the Galactic Seasons.

Final thoughts

I wrote before that Galactic Seasons is a cool thing and I’m glad the SWTOR team has added this new content. I would like to remind you that the DoubleXP event is ongoing. All these things together make it very easy to earn weekly rewards on different characters.

Darth Rithven

Most importantly, forgive me for my level of English. If there are any serious mistakes in my writing - feel free to write comments.