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Use of information contained on the website

Each user is aware that doing so is at their own risk. On this website, there are tips that may or may not be available. The guides on this website are based on the personal experience of the player writing the guide. They don’t have to be effective for another player.

Information regarding the state of the game, in-game features may or may not be accurate as of the date this information is posted on the Wrath of the Sith website (although we do our best to ensure that they are).

This website may contain information regarding content on other websites. The user may use this additional information but does not have to. Accessing external websites is only the decision of the user (and Wrath of the Sith website is not responsible for the consequences resulting therefrom).

In short: the user is responsible for his own decisions.

Can children use this website?

Generally, the information and other material on the Wrath of the Sith website is free from content that is not permitted for children. However, in the best interests of children, it is recommended that children use this website under the supervision of a legal guardian.

Personal Information

The Wrath of the Sith website does not collect personal information about website users.

  • Commenting is disabled.
  • Forum is disabled.
  • Creating an account on this site is disabled.

The general information necessary for the proper functioning of this website – how it is collected and what they contain – is explained in the Cookies Policy (go here: wrathofthesith.com/cookie-policy).

Third party trademarks & intellectual property

Wrath of the Sith does not have rights to third-party trademarks. Therefore, it is forbidden to use this website as an intermediary platform for the theft of intellectual rights by a third party.

I would like to point out that in many places there are print screens or videos created on the basis of materials in the game. The administrator of the Wrath of the Sith website, the authors writing on the Wrath of the Sith website and the Wrath of the Sith website in general do not own any intellectual property belonging to EA, BioWare, Disney, LucasArts and also do not own the rights to the brand, the name STAR WARS ™.

Ads and monetization

The administrator and owner of the website respects the intellectual property rights of other persons or companies and does not intend to profit financially from the use of these rights. Therefore, there is not a single form of earning on the Wrath of the Sith website (no sales, no affiliate links, no advertising or any other form of earning).

About the website

For more information go here: wrathofthesith.com/about-the-website

That’s it.


Darth Rithven